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THINGSYS GPS trackers to Negeria

About affordable GPS trackers for Nigeria, samples, bulk orders, price, shipping cost, lead time, mainboard, product images, protocols, manuals .etc
The same information also available from Telegram:

About protocol:

GT06 by default, Tq, Hy, 808 .Etc for option.

About samples price and shipping:

Sample quantity: 10pcs

Samples US$11 each for TS-G17H

Samples US$12 each for TS-G17M                Shipping cost by DHL for 10pcs US$48.53.

About lead time:

About demo

User: demo

Password: demo

App iOS and Android on front-page.

About bulk order price and shipping:

Starting 100pcs, and 100pcs for example

TS-G17H, US$10 each

TS-G17M, US$11 each

Shipping cost US$111 to arrive at:

Aviation Estate, Mafoluku Oshodi, Lagos State

For pickup only.

Normal stock is available for hundreds.

It takes about two weeks to arrive at the warehouse for pickup after we send out the goods from China.

About payment ways:

1, Bank Transfer, us$15 will be added as a banking fee per bill of payment, available to formal orders only.

2, Western Union, available to both formal orders and sample orders.

3, PayPal, 7% PayPal fee over the total amount, and the shipping address must be in accordance with the address of your PayPal account, available to both formal orders and sample orders.

Very Important Memo:

1, We don't face end users.

2, We face companies in business with GPS trackers ONLY

3, Aside of sample orders, we only take orders starting from 100pcs.

Manuals and Protocols to download:

What if I take care of the shipping on my own?

Then you will have no limits on the order quantity while you will follow a range of prices depending on your quantity. And local shipping cost to your forwarder/ Shipping agent will be collected on arrival by the local shipping company.

What if more quantity or less:

For order quantity with scales level more, we can negotiate the price again. For less quantity than 100pcs, we don't take the order if it's not the 10pcs for samples or you take care of the shipping on your own.

About accessories and price:

Relay US$1 each;

SOS US$1 each;

Microphone US$1 each.

Shipping cost related is extra depending on your quantity.

Relationship with TK003, TK004

TK003 or TK004 or CT09 are our production code.

We may either print the words on the shell or the mainbaord

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