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About Masks as a favor

As coronavirus pandemic spreading worldwide, our business has been influenced as well along with being influenced at our clients' side.

When we were still trapped in this pandemic before, our clients would ask how's the situation there or any issue about the delivery of my order, or when can you get away from that pandemic .etc. Now we're away from pandemic but with the bad news that the world is getting worse with it.

We're thinking about what we can do as a partner of your business. As a partner of your business, we, of course, wish you're sound safe and healthy, together with your family as well as your friends.

And we gonna offer the help to source masks if you need, and the principles are as follows:

1, masks will be offered at their cost which means we will not benefit a penny from the masks which of your need.

2, the price of masks can be confirmed when we buy it locally as we will buy masks for our clients from official stores and make sure the masks are qualified and official. As far as we know, currently, the mask is about US$0.28 each one for medical type.

3, we only offer this help to clients whoever had any business relations with us, even a sample order counts.

4, please make sure the masks which we will help to source are ONLY for personal use therefore notably big quantity order can not be accepted.

5, the shipping cost will be extra added at its cost.

6, we can not guarantee a very short time lead about the shipping, but you have a guarantee from us that we will for sure try our best to work it out ASAP.

In the end, we're a manufacturer of GPS trackers and related products while we can not make any business with you if you're not sound safe and healthy. And we will be very happy if we can help you out.

Now, you can contact your salesmen who have been well notified and we will do the rest part for you.


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