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J16W IP67 Waterproof 4G Standard Vehicle GPS Tracker

J16W IP67 Waterproof 4G Standard Vehicle GPS Tracker

4G LTE, CAT1, 7670SA, P67 Waterproof, 9V-90V voltage, with the support of both 4G and 2G, vehicle GPS tracker J16W with the support of ACC and Relay, with the extra support of Microphone and Relay(J16Wm).

  • Features:

    1. IP67 waterproof
    2. Anti-jammer design/function.
    3. Worldwide bands available
    4. 2G+4G(SIMCOM 7670SA) LTE CAT1, 2G+3G+4G for option
    5. High sensitivity, the latest technology, and the most advanced GPS chip
    6. Can position accurately even with weak signal
    7. Can work effectively in limited spaces such as remote and narrow places
    8. Compact size, easy to hide
    9. Low power consumption
    10. Fast signal capture
    11. Supports two modes: text message search and GPRS tracking tracking
    12. Sleep Model
    13. Cut/restore oil or circuit (extra relay will be required, US$1 each, weight 50g, for option)
    14. ACC/Ignition Detection
    15. Tracking Angle Compensation
    16. Motion sensor (G sensor)
    17. Blind area coverage (GPS tracker will keep the data inside if there is no Internet connection, and resend the data after recovering the connection.)
    18. Built-in 300mAh battery
    19. Wide voltage range from 9 to 90 voltage, can be used in all types of vehicles, cars, buses, motorcycles, trucks, e-bikes, e-cars .etc, for example
    20. Top components and boards.
    21. OEM and ODM services available
    22. Branding, firmware, and case customization available
    23. GT06 protocol by default, JT808 protocol, Tianhe protocol, TQ protocol, Tianqin protocol, Hy protocol for option, or even your own private protocol.
    24. In the same way as the J16 GPS tracker.
    25. Can be configured by PC software, SMS, platforms, and in the production line.

  • Technical parameters

    Function name Project function description
    Power supply Battery powered
    Working voltage range DC 9V - 95V _
    Working current 12V/ average 35mA
    Sleep current 12V/ average 10mA
    Built-in battery capacity 300mAh (3.7V polymer battery) optional
    Range of working temperature -20 ℃ -75 ℃ _
    Storage temperature range -30℃-80℃
    Working humidity range 10 % -85 % RH Does not condense
    Communication module brand/chip model SIMCOM A7670SA
    Communication band


    GSM /2G: 850/900/1800/1900MHz

    SIM card Nano SIM card
    communication antenna Built-in antenna
    Antenna specifications FPC antenna
    Locate module brand/chip model Zhongke Micro AT6558R
    Targeting _ Beidou +GPS
    cold start time average 32 seconds
    Hot start time average 1 second
    Tracking sensitivity -162 dBm
    positioning antenna Built-in ceramic dielectric antenna
    Antenna specifications 18mm*18mm*4mm
    GPS band L1: 1575.42±1.023MHz
    Beidou frequency band B1: 1561.098±2.046MHz
    Number of satellite channels 32
    positioning accuracy <10m(1σ)
    Timing accuracy <30ns (1σ)
    Speed measurement accuracy <0.1m/s(1σ)
    maximum acceleration 4G
    Maximum speed 515m/s
    maximum height 18000m
    ACC detection input All the way ACC detection line
    Cut off oil and electricity Low output all the way (relay control line)
    SOS (optional) Low detection line (SOS alarm line)
    Door sensor (optional) Low detection all the way
    Mike (optional) Can be connected to an external microphone
    Host size (length, width and height) 82mm*36mm*17mm
    shell material ABS plastic
    Host weight 55g _

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