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TS-VB05 OBD II GPS Tracker 3G / 4G

TS-VB05 OBD II GPS Tracker 3G / 4G

3G / 4G plug and track OBD slot tracker free installation OBDII GPS Tracker with Diagnosis function OBD GPS device

  • TS-VB05 OBD II GPS Tracker

    Detailed Product Description

    Diagnosis: Yes Network: 4G /3G 
    Warranty: 2 Years Geo-fence: Yes
    GPS: U-7 Type: OBD Slot Tracker
    Color: Black Feature: Plug And Track


    It's an all-in-one intelligent terminal for wireless communication, GPS positioning and OBD diagnosis. The terminal is plug and play, and you can install it yourself without a professional. Owners can easily apply location tracking, vehicle security, trip playback, car body check and more. By real-time access to automotive ECU data, operating conditions, combined with original algorithms, you can accurately calculate driving habits (such as fuel consumption, rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration, sharp turns, etc.).



    QUECTEL EC20 module (different modules for different countries, the following are the frequency bands, different countries with different modules and frequency)


    4G: LTE FDD: B1/B3/B5/B8

    LTE TDD:B34/B38/B39/B40/B41

    3G: WCDMA: B1/B8

    TD-SCDMA: B34/B39


    ●Wide voltage input range: 9 - 35V;

    ●Location time: average warm start:≤ 3sec(open sky)

    Average cold start: ≤35sec(open sky)

    ●Device dimensions:59mm × 45mm × 22mm;

    ●Location accuracy:≤ 10 meters;

    ●Working Temp: -20℃ - 75℃


    Support OBDII Protocol

    1 ISO9141-2 ISO9141
    2 KWP2000_5BPS ISO14230
    3 KWP2000_FAST  
    4 CANBUS_11B_500K ISO15765
    5 CANBUS_29B_500K
    6 CANBUS_11B_250K  
    7 CANBUS_29B_250K


    Application scenarios

    • Private car owner
    • Fleet management
    • Financial loan
    • Inventory management


    • Ultra-small size can be directly installed in most vehicle
    • Easy to install, plug and play, no need for a professional transformation
    • GPS, AGPS, LBS hybrid positioning, positioning quickly and accurately
    • Industrial-grade stable GPRS communication solution
    • Ultra-low standby power consumption, intelligent monitoring of car battery power • Built-in battery, violent demolition alarm


    Equipment installation

    Look for the location of the vehicle OBD interface. The OBD interface is a 16-pin female connector and the interface is trapezoidal.



    The OBD interface positions of different models are different.

    The following figure shows the possible locations of the OBD interface. Some vehicle OBD ports are hidden behind the plastic baffle.

    Area A: above the clutch pedal

    Area B: Above the accelerator pedal

    Area C: Front of the center console downshift lever

    Area D: behind the front handlebar of the armrest box

    Area E: under the co-pilot glove box

    Note: Connect to the vehicle OBD interface, you can directly plugin or use the extension cable connection (installation of the dedicated extension cord and Velcro can be selected at the dealer according to actual needs)


    RED LED (OBD Working status)

    Light status Meaning
    Light OBD working
    Off OBD Sleep/power off


    Yellow LED (GSM signal status)

    Light status Meaning
    Quick flash GSM initialization
    Light GPRS normal communication/online
    Off GSM sleep/power off


    Blue LED (GPS signal status)

    Light status Meaning
    Quick flash GPS signal searching
    Light GPS location finished
    Off GPS sleep/power off

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