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TS-G17H Quality & Affordable vehicle GPS Tracker

TS-G17H Quality & Affordable vehicle GPS Tracker

Compact size, quality and stable, quad-band, available to vehicles worldwide, No. one choice for basic tracking.

  • Quality & Affordable vehicle GPS tracker

    Hidden Car GPS Tracker With Battery And Relay Functions Motorcycle GPS Locator



    Red&black cable for power

    Orange cable for ACC/ignition

    Yellow cable for Relay

    Technical parameter:

    1).GSM:850/900/1800/1900 Quad band

    2).GPRS: Class12, TCP/IP

    3).Working Voltage:9-100V DC

    4).Working current:≈22mA (12vDC)

    5).Working current:≈12mA (24vDC)

    6).GPS locating time:Cold start≈38s(Open sky)

    Warm start≈32s Hot start≈2s(Open sky)

    7).GPS Precision:10m(2D RM)

    8).Working temperature:-20℃~+70℃

    9).Working humidity:20%~80%RH




    1, protocol: GT06

    2, support ACC ignition checking. 

    3, support Relay for cutting off power/fuel

    4, input power: 9-100V

    5, built-in GPS antenna: 18*18*4 mm

    6, built-in battery, Real time tracking.

    7, Geo-fence, over speed alarm.

    8, platforms / APP supported


    Device status indicators

    Connect DC 9-100V power supply and the red LED will light continuously.

    The red LED is the power signal,

    it is always on when the external DC is connected.


    The blue LED is the GSM signal indicator.

    It is always on when there is no GSM;

    it flashes when GSM is normal;

    it flashes quickly when transmitting data.


    The yellow LED is the GPS signal indicator:

    it is always on when there is no positioning;

    it flashes after positioning.


    Frequently used commands:

    Command Explain Reply content
    IMEI# IMEI query IMEI: 116790246811200
    IMEI,116790246811200# Set IMEI OK
    FACTORY# Restore factory settings OK, The terminal will restart after 30 seconds!
    RESET# restart The terminal will restart after 1 minute!
    WHERE# Location query Current position!Lat:N22.589031,Lon:E113.853567,Course:0,Speed:0,DateTime:2018-07-26 10:25:55
    SERVER# Server query server,1,,8005,0#
    server,1,,8005,0# Set domain name ok
    Server,0,,8205,0# Set IP ok
    GMT# Time zone query Currently Timezone(GMT):E,8,0
    APN# APN query Currently in use,0000,0000;
    Change time zone command



    A:E/W, E east time zone, W west time zone, default: E

    B: 0~12; time zone, default value: 8

    C: 0/15/30/45, half time zone, default value: 0


    For example, GMT,E,8,0#


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