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TS-H1 Watch GPS Tracker

TS-H1 Watch GPS Tracker

Watch GPS Tracker Interaction Touch Screen GPS Tracker Watch For kids, elders, and people in need.

  • TS-H1 Watch GPS Tracker

    (1)Check whether all the accessories are complete.
    (2)Choose the Nano-SIM card which matches to the GSM network, you can refer to the opinions of the dealer.(Power off before you insert the Nano-SIM card)
    (3) It is necessary to activate(enable) the GPRS and call screening function of the Nano-SIM card.
    (4)Install the APP on the phone, you can ask the dealer if you don't know how to download it.
    (5)The bar code and QR code are used for registered users.
    (6)Card inserting step gathering

    Package Contents

    No. Item Quantity
    1 Cell Phone Watch (with battery) 1
    2 USB cable 1
    3 Screwdriver 1
    4 operation instruction 1
    5 Top clamping needle 1
    6 Spare screws 1


    Watch GPS Tracker Interaction Touch Screen GPS Tracker Watch For kids, elders, and people in need.

    1. Watch-type or hanging GPS watch, without the need to locate the platform, the user directly uses the mobile phone for remote target tracking, and searches for the timing position on the google earth and other maps through latitude and longitude. Outdoor work, travel is common.
    2. Enter coordinate data on the navigation map of the PC/PDA/Navigator. Based on the GPS satellite positioning system, GPS information and other data information are automatically acquired, and the data is fed back to the user via a GSM/CDMA mobile phone card by means of a short message, and the user can locate or monitor the remote target through the free Google Earth map. This product also has a built-in GPRS module that can transmit data via GPRS and is compatible with various monitoring software.
    3. The GPS watch adopts both watch-type and hanging-type designs and also satisfies the function of viewing time. The device incorporates the world's first crystallization of point-to-point positioning technology and is the first application of this technology in practical products. Different from the traditional GPS, the monitoring system is different. In the application process of the GPS watch, the guardian can directly query the specific location of the ward by SMS, without going through the platform system, without paying the platform monthly fee; it is convenient and accurate, and other GPS is eliminated. The monthly fee for the monitoring product to be paid.


    Dial /Answer Phone Calls
    Answer Phone Calls
    Dial Phone calls
    1) In the standby mode, short press the Button to calls to the guardian, And you will hear voice prompt as "call out"
    GPS Position
    1) The guardian can get the GPS position by send messages to the Watch as "DW#password"
    2) The Watch will return GPS position messages With Google maps link
    Reminder Function
    1) Alarms


  • More information:

    More data:

    Language: Chinese,English,Russian
    Material: Plastic
    Watchband Material: Silicone
    Battery Capacity: 400mA
    Dimension: 51.8MM*40.9MM*14.3MM
    Display: 1.44 inch Touch Screen
    Weight: 43.2g
    Color: Blue, Pink, Black


    Operating System: MTK
    GSM,GPRS: Supported
    GPS: Supported
    BDS: Optional
    APGS: Supported
    LBS: Supported
    Remote Software Upgrading: Supported
    Remote Shakedown Test and Maintenance: Supported
    Remote Control: Supported
    Tamper alert: Supported
    WIFI Indoor Precise Location: Optional
    Low Power Solution: Supported
    Location On-line Tracking: APP in Mobile or Computer
    Historical Track: Supported
    Telephone: Supported
    SMS Alert: Supported
    Bulit-in Battery: Supported
    SIM Card: one
    Data Saving in Blind Spots: Supported
    Accurate Touchscreen: Supported
    Lithium Battery Charging Circuit: Supported
    Lithium Battery Charging Protection: Supported
    Indicating Lamp: Supported
    Remote Monitoring: Supported
    SOS: Supported
    USB Port: Supported
    Self diagnostics for operating system, data connection and sim card protection: Supported


    GSM Chip: MTK6261D,P-GSM260MHz
    GSM Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
    GPS Chip: MTK2503
    BDS Chip:  
    GPRS: Class12
    BDS/GPS Signal: BD2,1561.098MHz/L1,1575.42MHz C/A code
    GPS Number of Channel: 22
    Tracking Time: 26 Seconds
    BDS/GPS Chip Sensitivity: Tracking:-165dBm,Obtaining:-148dBm
    LBS Accuracy: 100-1000 meters
    Average Standby Mode Current: <3mA
    Average Working Current: around 55mA
    Working Temperature: —20~70℃
    Working Humidity: 5%~95% Non-Solidfication
    Flashlight: Supported
    Webcam: Supported
    Waterproof class: IP67

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