TS-V1 Professional Vehicle GPS Tracker 2G/3G/4G

TS-V1 Professional Vehicle GPS Tracker 2G/3G/4G

This product is mainly for vehicle management and professional fields. Mainly used for real-time monitoring and management of construction vehicles, special vehicles, logistics vehicles, personal vehicles, commercial vehicles, rental cars, buses and other vehicles.

  • TS-V1 Professional Vehicle GPS Tracker 2G/3G/4G

    Main functions
    1. Positioning and Tracking: Through the on-line Positioning Platform or the cell phone to locates at times, and get the working status. You can choose the Positioning Platform by yourself. 2. Triggering Emergency Alarm: When there is a emergency happened on the vehicle, you can put on the button and the installed device will send out alarm to the authorized numbers.
    3. Remote controlling oil and circuit: you can control the oil and circuit via the device by SMS in anywhere and anytime.
    4. Remote Monitoring: In anywhere and anytime, call the phone number in the device, when it connects, you can monitor the sound around 5 meter. 5. Movement Alert: Send SMS to the device to start the movement alert function. When the vehicle is moving, the device will send the movement alert to all authorized numbers.
    6. Over-speed Alert: Send SMS to the device to start the movement alert function. When the vehicle is over-speed, the device will send the over-speed alert to all authorized numbers.
    7. Geo-fence: Set up a geo-fence for the device to restrict its movements within a district. The device will send the message to all authorized numbers when it breaches the district.
    8.Restart the device: send SMS to resume the default of device.
    9. Auto Track Track: You can set up auto track by SMS or on-line positioning platform.
    10. Mileage statistics; ACC checking; cutting off power and alarm.
    11. Compatible with the original anti-theft alarm: It will send SMS alarm after the original anti-theft alarm warning.
    ﹡Modify the IP and Port of Communication Protocol for different on-line positioning platform





    95 * 75 * 25 (mm)




    2G/ 3G/ 4G


    Depending on specific country

    GPS chip

    SiRF III  or U-blox

    GPS sensitivity


    GPS accuracy

    5 m

    Time To First Fix

    Reacquisition  0.1s

     Cold status  45s

    Warm status  35s

     Hot status  1s

    Work Voltage

    DC  9V36V


    Chargeable changeable 3.7V / 600mAh Li-ion battery

    Standby work current

    < 30mA

    Storage Temp.

    -40°C to +85°C

    Operation Temp.

    -20°C to +70°C


    5%--95% non-condensing


    Input and output

    TS-V1 has 3 digital inputs, one ACC, one temperature sensor TS-C5, one SOS (or open door alarm).
    With 2 digital outputs: now used to cut off fuel/cut off circuit.
    With 1 analog input: now use for fuel sensor TS-C11. 


    Item parts

    GPS                       1 pcs

    Power line              1 pcs

    GSM antenna        1 pcs

    GPS antenna         1 pcs

    Installation cables      1 set


    Optional accessories

    Relay for cut fuel/circui

    High capacity backup battery

    Temperature sensor and fuel sensor

    Camera, LED display, handset .etc